About Us

At Lavida Fish & Chips, we believe in the power of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We partner with local fishermen and suppliers to ensure that our seafood is of the highest quality, delivered straight from the ocean to your plate.

A Culinary Venture Born of Turkish Heritage and English Inspiration

Ali Cetin and Ilyas Kara, both esteemed immigrants from Turkey, have embarked on a new culinary venture with the opening of La Vida Fish and Chips. Each one brings a distinct and rich background in the hospitality industry.
Ali Cetin, Co-Founder and Executive Chef, sharpened his culinary prowess as a chef for Turkish Airlines and later as an owner of a restaurant, thereby honing his skills in high-pressure environments and distinctive flavor crafting.
On the other hand, Ilyas Kara, the Co-Founder and Manager, boasts an impressive résumé with experience at Celebrity Cruise Lines and the ownership of a well-regarded Mediterranean restaurant located in Santa Rosa.
Their shared vision for La Vida Fish and Chips was conceived during Ilyas’s eye-opening travels to England. Intrigued by the rich tradition and simplicity of the English dish, they decided to bring a slice of England to their new restaurant, infused with their unique culinary perspectives.

Symphony of Taste and Tradition in California's Culinary Scene

La Vida Fish & Chips is more than just a restaurant, it is a living embodiment of our shared love for simple, yet exquisite cuisine. The restaurant is our tribute to the quintessential, comfort-filled dish of fish and chips, elevated by our commitment to freshness and high-quality ingredients.
Our journey to establish La Vida Fish & Chips began with a deep-seated passion for seafood and a longing to encapsulate the eternal delight of biting into a crispy, golden fish fillet paired with perfectly fried chips. As we explored this concept, we were inspired by the charm of simple, honest food that had the power to evoke nostalgia and create connections.
We christened our dream “La Vida,” a Spanish phrase translating to “the life,” which we feel truly captures our philosophy. For us, it is about more than just food, it’s about savoring life’s simple joys, like indulging in a well-crafted meal under the warm California sun. At La Vida Fish & Chips, we go beyond serving food; we are creating an experience. We invite you to join us, to immerse yourself in the flavorful journey, and to find joy in each bite as you partake in our celebration of life, love, and culinary excellence.